Attention Students, Graduates, and Educators…

REVEALED: How LinkedIn Can Help You Land Your Dream Job in Just 90 DAYS – Even If You Have ZERO Experience…

This could be the biggest career opportunity of your life…
Create compelling, powerful messages on LinkedIn that capture the attention of key decision makers and hiring managers
Craft a LinkedIn profile bursting with authority and credibility that acts like a ‘Bat Signal’ to your ideal employers
Use a fast and repeatable strategy to form real connections with hundreds of decision makers who could hire you!
Effortlessly shift the conversation from online to the real world and meet the people who could open the door to your dream job.
Be the architect of a career development strategy that sets up a sought-after internship or hook a big opportunity post-graduation, and benefits you for the length of your career

Dear Students, Graduates, and Educators…

Tell me if this sounds familiar

You’re an OVERWHELMED student LOST in a sea of conflicting career advice.

You’re an UNPREPARED graduate STRUGGLING to get a start in your chosen career and perhaps even drowning in student debt .

You’re the OVERLOADED educator who wants to thoroughly PREPARE their students for life after college.

You’re an ANXIOUS parent who HOPES a university education will be worth the investment.

If any of this sounds familiar, we have the solution for you!


The problem facing all graduates is they are desperate to start earning and building their careers.

This means they often fall into the trap of taking the first job available

And as a result, 40% of college graduates take a job straight out of school that doesn’t require a degree.

All those years of hard work, of working towards a dream, and then…


The long-term impact of your first job out of college shouldn’t be underestimated.

Research shows those who take jobs that don’t require a degree are FIVE TIMES as likely to still be in that job five years later, compared with those who put their education to use straight away.

Fast forward a decade and three-quarters of graduates who took jobs early on that didn’t demand a degree will be in the same spot.

And they’ll be taking home around $10,000 a year less than their counterparts who were fortunate enough to find work that required a college degree.

But what if you took a different path? A smarter path?

One that creates a LinkedIn profile that commands the attention of the right people from the right companies at the right time…

One that reveals jobs where you are the standout candidate…

Where you share powerful content that establishes your reputation…

And build strong relationships with the professionals who can clear the path to a job you love….

We KNOW this works.

In fact, we’ve seen students with little to no professional experience, and no LinkedIn profile, apply everything we share in this book, then get approached by recruiters and hiring managers offering them life-changing opportunities in as little as 30 to 90 DAYS after setting up their profile on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn for Students, Graduates, and Educators

How to Use LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job in 90 Days:
A Career Development Handbook

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Who Am I, And Why Should You Be Listening To Me?

Hi, I’m Melonie Dodaro, a global authority on all things LinkedIn, social selling, and how to build a successful career and business from them both.

I’m the author of multiple #1 bestselling books, including LinkedIn Unlocked, and creator of numerous online training and coaching programs.

I’ve spent more than 25,000 hours testing my methods and coached more than 27,000 individuals, companies and universities to not just learn the ropes of LinkedIn, but leverage it into multi-million dollar deals, new careers, and enriched lives.

And now it’s time to release my passion project…

LinkedIn for Students, Graduates, and Educators
Every year so many of the world’s most prestigious universities approach me asking what I can do to help students’ build their dream careers.

The answers lie in this book, and I’m thrilled to finally be sharing it with you.

And for those that don’t know Miguel Angel Garcia and may be wondering…

Who Am I, And Why Should You Be Listening To Me?

Hi, I’m Miguel Angel Garcia, and ever since I was in high school I’ve had a passion for helping disadvantaged young people in my community succeed.

Thanks to my work at companies such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Sprinklr I’ve been able to apply the world of technology and social media to create positive learning experiences for over 4000 young people.

What I learned from them, and the joy I could feel from their success, is why I decided to write this book with Melonie.

It is my belief that anyone from any background can be a success if they harness the power of technology to make the most of their talents and create their own opportunities.

What Exactly Will This Book Do For You?
You’ve heard the phrase “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know”?

Its sounds clichéd, but it’s a fact.

Relationships are at the centre of good business.

People prefer to work with people they know, like and trust.

You can boast all the qualifications in the world, but you’ll find opportunities hard to come by if you don’t have a solid network of people willing to support your talent and push you to the front of the queue.

Our book gives you a proven system to help you connect with the people that make and influence hiring decisions… get them to like and trust you… and then transition to an offline conversation – where you can have a human conversation to discover their specific needs and problems so you know what you need to offer to be a top candidate…

All in 90 days!

You’ll also become aware of your blind spots and uncover your skills gaps so that you know what you need to do to get replies, interviews, and that incredible call offering you the job!

Now you may be thinking….

“But it takes years and years of experience plus loads of schmoozing to build a network that brings job opportunities.”

But the truth is it DOESN’T

You CAN start making an impact even before you graduate.

You just need a system designed to put you front and centre with the right people and shine a light on your talents.

We want to help you get started doing something you love and can grow into a fulfilling, long-term career.

Something that allows you to live the life you want.

LinkedIn can get you there. Fast.

This book is the result of years of experience including testing, tweaking, improving and collecting examples on what works and what doesn’t.

LinkedIn for Students, Graduates, and Educators will teach you:


How to turn your LinkedIn profile into an employer-attraction magnet.

Discover profile secrets that speak the “hidden language” of your ideal employers. Be amazed at how fast you can attract the right people.

How to get found in LinkedIn search results.

Explore how real recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn and the key things you must do to stand out from other candidates. Marvel at how a few small tweaks can make a night-and-day difference in how often you’re discovered and watch an immediate increase of views of your profile!

LinkedIn’s best practices.

Do you want to avoid putting your foot in your mouth? Damaging your credibility? Coming across as inexperienced? We’re sure you want to avoid as many rejections as possible and increase your chances of getting responded to. We’ll show you the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn, so you NEVER second-guess yourself again and can confidently use LinkedIn to get a steady flow of responses.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover inside the book:


Chapter 1. What Is LinkedIn and Why Use It?
Chapter 2. Defining Who You Are and Whom You Want To Become
Chapter 3. Turning Students Into Sought-After Professionals
Chapter 4. LinkedIn Etiquette and Best Practices
Chapter 5. Determine Your Target Audience and Ideal Employers


Chapter 6. Design Your LinkedIn Profile
Chapter 7. Build Relationships and Open Doors
Chapter 8. Messaging Tactics To Connect With Decision-makers
Chapter 9. Engage With Your Network To Stand Out From The Crowd
Chapter 10. Moving From Content Curator To Content Creator


Chapter 11. LinkedIn Action Steps For Your Career Planning
Chapter 12. LinkedIn For Educators: Prepare Students For Success

Plus, you’ll also learn:

The RIGHT and WRONG ways to post and share content to build Authority, Credibility and Trust.

This stimulates an unexpected surge of engaged followers. See how all of the new likes, shares, and comments instantly transforms you into a credible authority with far more power and influence than you may imagine. With enhanced status and authority, see how easy it is to attract employers!

How to stay ‘top of mind’ with your network and, more importantly, with potential employers.

These advanced strategies give you the maximum exposure for the minimal investment of your time — so your name is recognized, remembered, referred, and respected with just a few minutes of effort each day!

And much, much more!


What to do next:

Get LinkedIn for Students, Graduates, and Educators Now

Instant Delivery via Amazon Kindle OR Get a Physical Copy for Fingertip Reference!

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Educators, we know you are increasingly being asked to do more with less.

Measurements and standardization are putting more pressure on your time than ever before.

Students are facing similar challenges.

By recommending our book to your students you will:

Give them simple, practical, proven advice that will see them achieve life-changing results within a few months

Make students understand their careers have started and their actions today are defining their jobs in the future

Show students how to chart a course influenced by the realities of the world and job market and not by popularity or past experience

Help students engage with people outside of their circles and comfort zones so they can discover new ways of seeing and thinking

This book is a reminder to re-discover what really matters in the world of work today and tomorrow.

It’s a way to get in touch with the professionals that can reveal what your students need.

It’s a way for YOU to inspire and empower your students to achieve more!

If you want to get job opportunities to die for even when you have little to no work experience…
If you want to start building the career of your dreams from the day you graduate, or even before…

If you don’t want to waste the best years of your life slugging it out in low-paid jobs you hate waiting for your opportunity…

If you want to stand out from the millions and millions of job hunters out there, and carve out a position of authority and expertise in the eyes of the people who can open doors for you…

If you want to learn how to be the architect of your own future…

Then this is THE book for you.

To your future success,

Melonie & Miguel

What to do next:

Get LinkedIn for Students, Graduates, and Educators Now

Instant Delivery via Amazon Kindle OR Get a Physical Copy for Fingertip Reference!

Click the button below to get LinkedIn for Students, Graduates, and Educators now: