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LinkedIn Unlocked

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From Acclaimed #1 Bestselling Author Melonie Dodaro
Dear B2B Professional,

The time has come.

Discover how to heighten your ability to attract high-value clients who want to meet you.

Let Me Explain

LinkedIn was designed for professional use. Yet, many professionals have been unsuccessful with it. This is due to a combination of factors…

… like complex features, myths, and misconceptions about best practices, or just, bad advice.

As a result, many don’t bother to take advantage of the incredible social selling capabilities of LinkedIn, or they waste a lot of time, with little to no results.

But What If There Was Another Approach?
What if you could:

Craft powerful messages from word-for-word scripts proven to get responses


Build a social selling strategy that gets people to like you, trust you, and respond to your communications with enthusiasm


Create a compelling LinkedIn profile that builds your authority and credibility, resonates with your ideal clients, earns their trust and inspires them to engage with you


Transition conversations offline in 5 simple-and-intuitive steps (to book yourself solid, and have a significant increase to your bottom line)

Until now… only my private clients have been privy to the information I’m about to share with you.
Every component of this formula is designed to the most exacting standards — to replicate consistent results regardless of your business or experience…

However, full disclosure: there is one limitation about this approach to using LinkedIn for social selling. I’ll highlight it upfront:

This Works Best for
B2B Individuals and Businesses
So, we’re clear on what a B2B individual or business is, I’m referring to individuals such as:

Entrepreneurs & B2B Business Owners


Marketers (Digital and Traditional)


Sales Professionals and Sales Leaders


B2B Professional Service Providers


Thought Leaders and Emerging Leaders


Business Development


Speakers, Authors, Coaches


Economic Development

If you found your profession on the above list, this will be exceedingly effective for you.

I promise.

But for those of you that don’t know me and may be wondering…

Who Am I, And Why Should You Be Listening To Me?

Hi, my name is Melonie Dodaro. I’m recognized as a preeminent authority on LinkedIn and social selling. I help individuals and brands build authority, credibility, trust and most importantly, revenue on LinkedIn.
I have also been recognized on the following authority lists (partial list):

Top 100 Digital Marketers


Top 50 Trustworthy Digital Marketing Experts


Top 100 Marketing Influencers


Top 50 Sales Influencers


Social Selling: Top 100 Influencers and Brands


21 Women of Digital Marketing to Follow


10 Must Follow B2B Sales Influencers of Our Time


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and many others...

As Featured In:
You may also have read one of my articles on:

Social Media Examiner


LinkedIn Sales Solutions Blog


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Or my award-winning blog, Top Dog Social Media

Or, you may have even worked with me through one of my online programs, seminars, consulting services, or ‘done-for-you’ programs.
After more than 25,532 hours of teaching and helping over 27,000 individuals and organizations worldwide, to stand out on LinkedIn and generate new leads came, The LINK Method™.
Explore the Entire 5-Step Method in my new book
LinkedIn Unlocked
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60-Minute LinkedIn Masterclass where I will Help You Generate More Leads, Clients & Sales!

Download a FREE Companion Workbook that includes all of the Exercises, Worksheets and Templates from LinkedIn Unlocked.

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But Why Do You Need to Read A Book About LinkedIn?
Why Now?
The earliest social selling strategies were reasonably cringe worthy. No one knew what they were doing in the early days, in fact, many still don’t.

Effective techniques weren’t mainstream yet, so they tended to be very unprofessional and inconsistent. This makes sense because very few people understood how to use LinkedIn properly.

Over time, a new social selling community refined the process. We discovered that LinkedIn could be a formidable business tool in its own right.

The trouble is that selling tactics on LinkedIn aren’t always that consistent.

With all of the changes LinkedIn has made, even the advice I gave one year ago is different to what I offer today.

What I published in my first #1 bestselling book four years ago has completely changed. Social media has changed, LinkedIn has changed…

Social selling has evolved, and thus the entire strategy to generating business from LinkedIn has changed…

What Exactly Will LinkedIn Unlocked Do For You?
In its broadest definition, you will have a proven system to help you connect with prospects… get them to like and trust you… and then transition to an offline conversation – where you can have a sales conversation and discover their specific problems and offer your solution. In the B2B world, it’s still offline that you convert a prospect to a client.

LinkedIn Unlocked is the result of distilling years of experience including testing, tweaking, improving and collecting empirical data on what works and what doesn’t. In this book…

You’ll learn:

How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a client-attraction magnet.

Discover profile secrets that speak the “hidden language” of your ideal clients. Be amazed at how fast you pierce through the noise and grab your prospect with a firm grip. (Also discover the secret “hidden goal” of your LinkedIn profile — and why you have a 7-SECOND DEADLINE to accomplish it or forever lose your chance to convert a casual reader into a serious prospect!)

The final judgment on LinkedIn’s best practices.

Do you want to avoid putting your foot in your mouth? Damaging your credibility? Coming across as salesy and immediately turning off your prospect? I’m sure you want to avoid as many rejections as possible and increase your chances of getting responded to. I’ll lay down the final word on the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn, so you NEVER second-guess yourself again and can confidently use LinkedIn to get a steady flow of new clients.

How to get found in LinkedIn search results.

Explore how real prospects use LinkedIn’s search tool and the key things you must do to outrank your competitors. Marvel at how a few small tweaks can make a night-and-day difference in how often you show up in the search results and watch an immediate increase of views of your profile!

How to send LinkedIn messages that command a response.

You’ll be utterly astonished when I reveal the two critical steps you must take if you want to get your prospect to respond. Plus, spoiler alert: there’s also one thing you must NEVER, EVER DO, or risk damaging your brand, being marked as spam, and potentially getting your LinkedIn account restricted.
Plus, you’ll also learn:

The RIGHT and WRONG ways to post and share content to build Authority, Credibility and Trust.

This stimulates an unexpected surge of engaged followers. See how all of the new likes, shares, and comments instantly transforms you into a credible authority with far more power and influence than you may imagine. With enhanced status and authority, see how easy it is to attract ideal clients!

How to stay ‘top of mind’ with your network and more importantly with your potential prospects.

These advanced content marketing strategies give you the maximum exposure for the minimal investment of your time — so your name is recognized, remembered, referred, and respected with just a few minutes of effort each day!

How to convert cold LinkedIn prospects into high-value clients.

Getting clients has never been more accessible with word-for-word scripts and a proven strategy that works time after time after time. Follow the instructions and watch the results — more leads, clients and sales!

Which LinkedIn membership is right for you and when you should consider upgrading.

I’ll breakdown the usefulness of each LinkedIn membership level, compared to its cost and how they can be of benefit to you. And if you are serious about using LinkedIn for lead generation, I’ll tell you precisely what to do.

And much, much more!

If you want to grow your sales and revenue, then LinkedIn Unlocked can help you do exactly that.

What to do next:

Get LinkedIn Unlocked Now

Instant Delivery via Amazon Kindle OR Get a Physical Copy for Fingertip Reference!
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