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Turn LinkedIn into Your Top Lead and Client Generator


Coaches, consultants and savvy business professionals recognize LinkedIn’s potential as a lead generating machine, but few tap into that potential to convert LinkedIn’s affluent client base into leads and clients.

The average annual income for a LinkedIn member is:


That’s more than double that of a Facebook or Twitter member. You need to get your share!

Did you know?

80% of B2B leads generated from social media come from LinkedIn.

  • LinkedIn 80% 80%
  • All others 20% 20%

Instead of complaining that you’ve stopped gaining traction on Facebook, turn to our LinkedIn Domination service to leverage the world’s number one professional platform for creating a predictable income stream.

Why haven’t more professional service providers made good use of LinkedIn to generate leads and sales?

Poor Advice Yields Poor Results

Someone had to say it. Many people try to leverage LinkedIn themselves or rely on ‘self-proclaimed’ gurus who have read a book or two about LinkedIn (maybe even one of my mine) but have never turned their talk into success for themselves or their customers.

They promise results, but deliver little more than pep talks. Pep talks don’t dominate. Our LinkedIn Domination service helps coaches, consultants and professional service providers generates a consistent flow of new clients … with ease.


To Dominate Lead Generation on LinkedIn, Count on Melonie Dodaro

I am totally invested in your success.

Melonie Dodaro

Even before my books – LinkedIn Unlocked and The LinkedIn Code – became #1 bestsellers in seven countries, I was a globally-respected authority and highly-sought-after speaker and trainer on using LinkedIn for lead generation.

Why? Because as founder and CEO of Top Dog Social Media, I personally make sure that our systems produce the desired results, turning you into the top dog in your niche. I am totally invested in your success.

LinkedIn Domination Produces Dominating Results

“The LinkedIn Domination system Melonie created for me allowed me to fill my pipeline from zero to $1.45 million in only seven months. I did everything she outlined. The system works!”

Lori Carr, West Palm Beach, Florida

LinkedIn Domination Works Because We Build Your System for You

LinkedIn Domination is not training, it’s a foolproof system that will generate a recurring stream of sales qualified leads and new customers for you month after month after month. All you have to do is follow the process we lay out for deploying the system we build for you. It’s that simple.

You Are Only Three Steps Away from LinkedIn Domination

For as many leads and customers as it generates, it’s amazing that there are only three steps to LinkedIn Domination.

01I Personal & Professional Branding

I personally oversee the development of every LinkedIn Domination profile, turning your profile into a powerful personal brand. LinkedIn Domination begins with a professionally-developed, client-centric profile that makes you shine like a rock star. Not because of how great you are, but because of how great you are for your clients and how you help them achieve their most important goals.

02I Lead Generation Strategy

We conduct a strategic planning session with you, a deep dive into what makes your clients tick. From this session, we develop a lead generation message sequence and strategy that is both permission-based and hyper-personalized. Without this permission-based approach, 99.9% of people will fail. Why? Quite honestly, because they are too lazy to earn permission and trust. Instead, they initiate an irritating push marketing approach. Bombarding people with irrelevant messages does NOT work. Our lead generation strategies are not only effective, but they also leverage the best pull marketing techniques so that your ideal clients ask YOU for more information!

Phases 1 and 2 are offered together as one fixed-price service. You can stop right there, or, you can work toward building thought leadership and having a digital marketing strategy and sales funnel that produces leads and clients while you sleep by taking advantage of Phase 3: Melonie’s 1-on-1 monthly mentoring.

03I Thought Leadership and Pull Marketing Deployment

Once you are armed with a rock-star profile and permission-based lead generation strategy, you may have the opportunity to meet with me by phone on a monthly subscription basis. I’ll provide you with additional strategies and execution plans with high-leverage activities for you to deploy. Rest assured, I will not be inundating you with work. Instead, I will help you streamline your activities to get the most results in the least amount of time.

Here we will ensure that you are getting a substantial ROI on all your activities — increasing your visibility, strengthening your personal brand and rocking your content marketing and lead gen activities.

This phase is optional and by invitation only. In me, you will have an internationally acclaimed expert mentoring you who is committed to you and your results. But there is no contract or obligation on your part: If you’re not generating an ROI of a minimum 3x to 5x (preferably more!) on your monthly mentoring investment, feel free to stop at any time.

What is the ROI of LinkedIn Domination?

At a MINIMUM, following the LinkedIn Domination system should produce one new client for you each month. (On average our clients generate 2 – 3 new clients each month.) And quite often a new client has repeat purchases, several times, year after year.

If for example, the average value of a client you add through LinkedIn is $5,000, and you’re adding ONLY one new client per month, that’s a minimum of $60,000 additional revenue from LinkedIn each year. But when the average lifetime value of each new client on LinkedIn increases to $15,000, then your annual revenue from new LinkedIn clients rises to $180,000, even if you are still adding only one client each month. This is the kind of success our committed clients enjoy.

Some of our clients turn LinkedIn into their top lead generation platform. They spend enough time at LinkedIn Domination to generate much higher client acquisition results than you will if you do the bare minimum. Whether you choose to truly dominate or be happy with incremental improvement, it’s entirely up to you.


Don’t Just Take My Word for It…

“I teach people to start a new business as a bookkeeper, and I have Melonie provide the LinkedIn training for them to attract new clients.

Every student that implements Melonie’s process has found LinkedIn to be their most effective tool in acquiring new clients and building their business.”

Ben Robinson

Bookkeeper Business Academy, Atlanta, Georgia

“I can highly recommend Melonie Dodaro for LinkedIn strategy. One deep dive conversation with her helped me to recognize an important mental barrier and has provided me with very specific strategies how to use LinkedIn for my business.

I especially appreciate her philosophy on how to use LinkedIn in a way that builds and honours relationships.”

Monika Birkner

Business Coach, Frankfurt, Germany

“Melonie is the ONLY social media expert I know that FOCUSES on how to use social media as a part of a profitable sales strategy. She understands how to create the perfect balance between VALUE and then how to convert those relationships created through social media into paying customers for her clients.”

Debbie White

Sales Trainer & Speaker, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Within two days of working Melonie’s strategy, I was able to connect with people on LinkedIn and generate sales.”

Giles Fabris

Business Coach, San Diego, California

“In the first two weeks, I connected with 50 influencers through LinkedIn messages and had taken 12 of those connections offline to a phone call. I would never have been able to do this if it weren’t for Melonie’s expertise in growing and nurturing your network without ever coming across as spammy.”

Patrick Hong

Sales Professional for Influencers, Australia

“Melonie’s LinkedIn Domination is the best program for using LinkedIn for business results, period.”

Andrei Jablokow

Philiadelphia, Pennsylvania

Are You Ready for LinkedIn Domination?

LinkedIn Domination is for that special breed of coach, consultant or professional service provider that delivers a great service, makes a difference in their clients’ lives and is ready for a game-changing and predictable method for attracting clients and ending the feast or famine swings that plague their business.

If you are hungry for …

a personal brand that establishes your authority and credibility by accurately reflecting who you are and what differentiates you from your competition

a proven system that will help you turn cold connections into clients very quickly

a system and process you can deploy immediately with complete confidence in its effectiveness
a predictable flow of new leads and clients who know, like and trust you because of the relationship you have established with them in a very short period of time

a mentor recognized worldwide for helping business leaders succeed who is committed to your success

a new, highly more visible role as a recognized thought leader in your field

Then LinkedIn Domination may be for you. But it’s not for everyone. Before I commit myself 100% to working with you in LinkedIn Domination, I need to know that you are as committed as I am. Scroll down to see if you qualify.

To qualify, you must:

Provide a B2B product or service that genuinely helps people
Have a defined B2B target market we can reach on LinkedIn
Offer a B2B product or service with a ticket price of at least $2,000
Be ready to commit to your own success and build your business fast
Understand that LinkedIn Domination is an investment, not an expense
Give up your ego and follow my deployment instructions to the letter
Be a likable person, otherwise, I won’t be able to work with you

Sound like you? Then I invite you to apply to our LinkedIn Domination service and work with me and my team at Top Dog Social Media. See how building and deploying the right LinkedIn selling system can change your life and permanently end the cycles of feast and famine in your business.

Melonie Dodaro

PSScroll down and click the “Let’s Start” button to apply.

One Very Important – and Very Personal – Last Note

This is the highest touch service I offer — the only one that provides direct access to me. As you can well imagine, placements are limited. Because I need to be 100% confident that I can help you and that you are someone I would enjoy working with, we have established an application process to help us identify the most suitable candidates.

Should all the available placements be taken before we review your application, you will be invited to join the waiting list.

To make sure you don’t miss this limited opportunity, click the “Let’s Start” button and fill out the brief application. The sooner we get started, the sooner I can help you ramp up your client acquisition system.

Melonie Dodaro

Author of #1 bestselling books “LinkedIn Unlocked” and “The LinkedIn Code”

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